Intrigued by how we used a custom domain for our links?

We’ve got a blog post for you on exactly how to implement pixel tagging on a custom domain for all links shared on social media.

We threw in automation for our sequence to do less work by curating content from automated sources 🙂

Want us to do all the heavy lifting for you? Get in touch for our managed social media service.

This is the quickest way to find high quality content to post on your social media channels in an automated fashion while using Pixel-ed links to enable retargeting for engaged audiences.

If you were doing this manually, you’d need a few things to get your social media campaigns started.

With this hack, you don’t need quality content to get started.

Tools we need to make this work –

Free accounts where available will work

Do you know of a more efficient method to setup automated social media content creation and scheduling with Pixel tracking?

Comment below and let me know!